Acne scars respond to a combination treatment that targets the three types: ice pick/boxcar/rolling scar. Improvement is seen with subsequent sessions along with self care.

The various modalities of treatment are topical agents/chemical peels/dermaroller/MDA/Lasers (ablative and nonablative)/subcision/punch grafts that are used alone or in combination after assessment of the scars by a dermatologist in ADHT clinic for optimum result ans satisfaction of patients.

Keloid is overgrown scar tissue over and around a wound sometimes with pain or itch. It tends to have a genetic tendency but exact cause is unknown. The condition needs to be differentiated from hypertrophic scar that involutes and flattens overtime but might increase in size. Keloid has traditional treatment measures as topical agents and injectable steriods but there are advances in the treatment and excision can be done carefully with post op pressure bandage. In ADHT clinic treatment is chosen considering the history, site, gender, age of patient for optimum result.