Problem of pigmentation can be epidermal (superficial) / dermal (deep) / mixed. It can be caused due to various conditions ranging from hormonal to hereditary to sundamage so a proper and thorough consultation by a dermatologist is important to choose accurate and best treatment and to avoid side effects of inapproperiate treatments.There is a range of treatment that is individualised in ADHT Clininc according to specific condition and patient.

Q-switch ND-YAG Laser therapy helps in treatment of dermal / mixed melasma, spot pigment like freckles and also pigment demarcation lines with few sessions.

Chemical peels helps in exfoliation of pigmented skin and also reduces pigment production by cells giving result in superficial as well as deep pigment. Specific type and formulation of peel according to condition and skin type is choosen for individual patients in ADHT clinic giving best results.