Hair Transplant by ADHT Clinic

Caring for your hair

Your hair is one of the first things that others notice about you. The shape and structure of your hair depend on your race. For instance, African hair is typically flat with tight curls. Asian hair is typically round and thick. Caucasian hair may be fine and straight or thick and wavy. Natural oils from hair glands also affect the look and feel of your hair. Basic hair care involves a healthy lifestyle and proper care. Wash oily hair regularly and limit how much you touch your hair. For dry hair, keep blow-drying time short and avoid overstyling, which can lead to dryness and breakage. Protecting your hair from wind, sun, and chlorine in water also will help to keep it from drying out and breaking.

If you color or relax your hair, carefully read the product label. Hair dyes and relaxers can harm both your skin and hair. Talk with your doctor if your skin or scalp swells or gets itchy after using any hair product. Even natural products, such as henna dye, can cause an allergic reaction.


Hair loss occurs in more than 60% of men and in 10% of women.Hair loss in men almost is due to male pattern hair loss that is inherited and requires linking of DHT (formed from testosterone by 5 alpha reductase)to susceptible hair follicles that causes miniaturization of hair. In women most hair loss is genetic although they have an increased incidence of hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, trichotillomania, telogen effluvium.
It’s normal to shed about 100 hairs each day as old hairs are replaced by new ones. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes patchy hair loss on the scalp, face, or other areas of your body.


Hair loss and baldness is a progressive phenomenon that can be disturbing and causing loss in confidence in indiviuals so various treatments are available suiting the requirment of an indivisual. The only permanent solution amongst all is hair transplant which has two techniques - FUE & FUT.

In FUE individual follicular units are harvested from donor area (scalp, body) with the help of punch (diameter 0.7-1 mm). The grafts are processed and implanted in recipient areas (scalp / eyebrows / beard / moustache).
In FUT strip of skin is excised from donor area and follicles are harvested and processed before implantation. Donor area is closed by stitches that can leave scar.
Hair transplant is the treatment of choice for most patients. Modern hair transplant techniques can create virtually undetectable restoration.
Transplanted hair follicles appear to grow in the immediate postoperative period but they enter telogen phase and shed in a month. Hair regrowth takes 4 months and growth stabilizes at 1 year. Graft survival is over 95% in experienced hands in ADHT clinic.
Few advanced treatments for hair loss and baldness are are PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), mesotherapy, microneedling, LLLT hair therapy, oral supplements


Human blood contains four components: RBC, WBC, Platelets, Plasma. Platelets are responsible to stop bleeding by forming a clot. Platelets are also rich in certain growth factors that help in repairing and regeneration of tissues and also alleviate pain and heal problems in joints, teeth. At ADHT clinic high quality PRP with four to five times higher platelet count is prepared giving satisfying and promising results to patients under utmost safety without side effects in both males and females. The procedure is minimally invasive with no downtime may be combined with certain modalities of hair treatment to yield quicker results in suitable patients


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive technique of superficial micro-injections into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin). It is a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and co-enzymes in a particular composition so as to boost and stimulate hair regrowth and also help reduce cellulite, stretch marks and excess fat. It works by both mechanical and chemical stimulation. The treatment takes 20-30 mins and is minimally invasive and painful. It is done in 10 sessions including intensive and maintenance sessions.


It's a non surgical treatment for hair loss provided by ADHT Clinic using Red Laser and LED Light Diode. Light energy emitted is absorbed by cells leading to repair and regeneration by stimulating blood supply that further increases nutrition supply to hair leading to healthier, fuller and textured hair. It also stimulates melanocytes that causes pigmentation of grey hair in suitable patients.


Hair replacements are available as patch/lace/wig/weaving. Lace is most natural and hygienic of all since the base is a netted lace that allows the skin to breathe and stay healthy without infections like fungal infections due to occlusion of sweat by other modalities like wigs.

These are high definition hair replacement systems that are knitted and customized using soft human hair in ADHT Clinic according to individual patient’s hair texture and area of baldness for most natural and perfect coverage with undetectable hairline on look or touch. The advantage is instant result, painless coverage, comfortable and natural look.


It is a non-surgical procedure to give a look of shaved or short hair by using natural pigment. It gives natural appearance of real hair follicles or strands that covers the bald areas and also improves density of areas with thin hair on scalp. It is suitable for all types and stages of hair loss regardless of age and sex.
It also gives a permanent camouflage for burns, scar and birthmarks.It is done in a painless way with utmost care in ADHT Clinic.


Bio-fibre is an artificial fibre which is used to replace hair in an individual who is bald and has poor donor area. It is usually used only in limited cases where there is no donor hair, and is an alternative to Hair Transplant in these cases. The raw materials used in Biofibre hair are bio-compatable and is FDA approved for medical use.


Fibres are pure keratin of microscopic dimension that are applied by spraying over bald or thinning areas to canmoflague and give appearance of fuller and thicker hair.

These are inert particles that do not cause any irritation or reaction to the skin.

The roots of biofibre hair implant is extractable, hence it is fully reversible in case on need. Implantation of bio-fibre hair is done by using an Implanter which ensure a correct implant procedure for long-lasting aesthetic result. It is not recommended for patients who are sensitive to the before implant test or suffering from other scalp diseases.