Hair loss and baldness is a progressive phenomenon that can be disturbing and causing loss in confidence in individual so various treatments are available suiting the requirment of an indivisual. The only permanent solution amongst all is hair transplant which has two techniques - FUE & FUT.

In FUE individual follicular units are harvested from donor area (scalp, body) with the help of punch (diameter 0.7-1 mm). The grafts are processed and implanted in recipient areas (scalp / eyebrows / beard / moustache).

In FUT strip of skin is excised from donor area and follicles are harvested and processed before implantation. Donor area is closed by stitches that can leave scar.


  • Follicle unit extraction
  • No incision / no scar
  • faster recovery
  • No complication
  • Complete surgery is done by specialist
  • No stitches
  • Pain less


  • Follicle unit Transplant
  • Strip method leaves scar
  • Delayed recovery
  • Increased chance of complication
  • less time on patients by a specialist
  • stitch is done
  • Painful