Botox / Filler


Botulinum toxin commonly known as botox is a magic toxin that erases lines on face and neck instantly without downtime or side effect.

The maximum result is seen in 10-14 days that lasts for 8-12 months. It is performed under topical anaesthesia that makes it painless. It also decreases sweating in areas like palms, soles and axillae in hyperhidrosis. It's most advanced use is in reshaping face like face slimming, redefining jaw line, face lift, eye rejuvenation.

In ADHT Clinic expert and qualified hands have been giving results in the past with perfection.


These are prefilled injections of hyaluronic acid that comes as juvederm/ restylane. These are wonderful agents for facial rejuvenation / augmentation / shaping of face / reduction of fine lines, sagging, under eye bags, scars. They give instant results that lasts for 6-12 months and helps build collagen on each session that is longer lasting when combined with PRP. At ADHT Clinic it is done with care avoiding all possible side effects.