Skin patch test/skin intradermal test/prick-prick test/scratch test/atopy patch test/skin application pressure test/diet elimination test/provocation test/total & specific IgE tests are the allergy tests done to confirm the allergen in sensitive individuals.

Indications: Allergic rhinitis & sinusitis, rhinocon juctivitis, recurrent urticaria, atopic dermatitis, insect hypersensitivity, drug hypersensitivity, contact dermatitis.

Serum IgE: Blood allergen specific IgE test detect only specific IgE antibodies, doesn't give information of clinical sensitivity even if they are significant positive. Serum IgE assay lack specificity compared to allergy skin test.

Among allergy tests:
Skin test - First choice diagnostic tools.
Specific IgE - Isolated positive specific IgE doesn't constitute the absolute proof of allergy.
Basophil activation test ( BAT) - IT analyzes and quantifies allergen specific in vitro activation of basophil cells and is additional test if negative skin test but positive specific IgE due to inhalant allergens,latex, venom, food and drugs.