Rosacea is a skin condition characterised by frequent flushing of face with papules/pustules/ telenguectasia (visible tiny blood tests)/eye symptoms (ocular rosacea). It affects the central face (cheeks, nose, chin, forehead).

Sunlight, alcohol, stress, spicy food, hot drink, heavy exercise has to be avoided. Flushing/redness/telangiectasia can be treated with IPL and vascular laser like pulse dye laser. Laser and light treatment can require 1-3 treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart. IPL is multichromatic noncoherent light of multiple wavelengths from yellow to infrared. It decreases redness and flush responses.

Broad spectrum sunscreen is important. Non-irritating cosmetics are recommended for concealing.
Papulopustular subtype requires the combination of oral and topical antimicrobial agents.
Phymatous subtype requires isotretinoin monotherapy. Rhinophyma can be reshaped with surgical approaches like RF electro surgery.